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Equipment Holdings

No medical accident of 25years Equipment Holdings

  • Venus laser

    By irradiating a laser beam directly on the fat cells, it will effectively elaborate only to fat cells. Venus laser is designed to specify the skin cells and has less bruising and swelling. This laser has shorter recovery time than other machines.

  • Adipo

    Adipo has enough power to generate stable cell layers to remove fat and cellulite fat. It will also prevent damage to the skin surface and cool the layers down. While temperature get up to 42 degree. This procedure will help with collagen proliferation.

  • RF

    PDT is different from other equipment’s it changed into heat within the skin by without using drugs. It also effect or reducing the size and activity of sebaceous glands and inflammatory acne. It doesn’t damage the skin while treatment because it can safely control the high frequency contact with cooling anesthesia.

  • Lipokit

    Lipo Kit is a precision micro liposuction using dedicated equipment needed surgery to implant the area by taking only the good fats from the fat accumulated a lot of areas. Lipo Kit is in contact with air can be collected and purified without all the fats. The glass fat derived from the damaged fat cells that affect the survival of the fat graft fat fine -art equipment in Lippo kit (Lipokit) with significantly enhanced survival of the transplanted fat removed.