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Trapezius Muscle Line Injection

\"\" Reborn Body Clinic Trapezius Muscle Line Injection


Body Clinic

For the people who want to
have a beautiful shoulder line

Trapezius Muscle Line

  • Decrease the size of the by injection
  • Ideal shoulder line and feminine looking effect
  • An effect which eases the pain of shoulders
  • \"\"Weekly treatment

    About 10 mins

  • \"\"Narcosis


  • \"\"Local anesthesia

    Almost no pain!

  • \"\"The recovery process

    Able to continue your routine!


It is called trapezius muscle, collarbone, or shoulder injection, which is the procedure under the spotlight lately from women who want to have a beautiful shoulder line. After trying to inject into the trapezius muscles using injection which paralyzes and reduces muscles, the size of the trapezius muscle reduces and shows and ideal slim and feminine looking shoulder line.

Features of Trapezius muscle injection

  • You can expect to have an appearance of a longer looking neck.

  • Makes a beautiful collarbone line.

  • Makes you look nice and orotund with exposure styling

  • Effect ease of pain

Procedure target of Trapezius Muscle Line Injection

We recommend!
Who have a short and thick looking neck
Who is tentative of shoulder exposure
Who have an unclear collar bone line
Who have serious shoulder pain


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Reborn dermatology’s strict medical conditions

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