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Calf Reduction Botox

Reborn Body Clinic Trapezius Muscle Line Botox

Body Clinic

Make your legs have a beautiful
and smooth looking shape with botox injected directly
into your muscle!

Calf Reduction Botox

  • Have beautiful legs with a simple injection by weakening your calf muscles!
  • Short procedure time around 10 minutes

  • Weekly treatment

    About 10 mins

  • Narcosis


  • Local anesthesia

    Almost no pain!

  • The recovery process

    Around 1 day


Calf reduction botox will give tour legs a smooth looking shape by volume reduction which is generated by directly injecting botox into the inside and outside parts of bulged calf muscles to control the secretion of neurotransmitter and weaken the muscles.

Features of calf reduction botox

  • The laser is shot directly into the fat cells under the skin, at that time it can selectively dissolve only a later of fat delicately without suction.

  • Less side effect such as bruises, edema, and etc., and you can continue your routine due to the short recovery time as it uses the laser through the special production optical fiber.

  • You can expect long term effects with one safe procedure which have almost no tissue damage and side effects.

  • No need to worry about scars.

Procedure target of calf reduction botox

We recommend!
Who have terribly developed calf muscles
Who feels the burden of an operation
Who has serious asymmetric calf muscles
Who doesn’t have confidence when wearing a skirt
Who only wears pants because of not wanting to expose their calves

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Reborn dermatology’s strict medical conditions

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