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Reborn Body Clinic PPC

Body Clinic

Effective, safe and powerful fat-shattering injection!


  • Destroys the fat cells directly and excretes them form the body naturally
  • Effective for drooping fat jaw, arms, fat on stomach,
    and uneven whitened stretch marks!
  • No danger of anesthesia, and safe!
  • Weekly treatment

    6~8 Weekly 3-5
    highly recommended

  • Narcosis


  • Local anesthesia

    Sting a little

  • The recovery process

    About 1 week


Phosphatidylcholine lipodissolve (PPC) is phospholipid constituent which composes the cell membrane of the body. It was originally used as an injection treatment for membrane-coupled and regeneration in artery hardening, liver complaint, dementia or etc., however, people found out the strong fat-shattering effect when injected in subcutaneous fat in 1988~1990 in France and Brazil.Today, it has been an injection treatment widely used for local fat treatment in US, Brazil, Europe, and etc.

Features of PPC

  • It is more effective and safer than general lipolysis injection which only decreases the size of the fat cells because PPC and deoxycholate (which is an adding material) directly destroys the fat cells, and makes them excrete from the body naturally by the blood vessel system and lymphatic system.

  • Effective for a drooping fat jaw, arms, fat on stomach, and uneven whiten stretch marks as is has the effect of strengthening elasticity as if you take the mezzo therapy; because it stimulates the fibroblast and induces regeneration of connective tissue.

  • You can see the size changed yourself from 2~3 weeks after the injection, and until 6~8 weeks, the size will have been decreased consistently.

  • No burdens such as long-time recovery when liposuction, anesthesia, high cost, and etc. Also, on local fat treatment, it can be the procedure that substitutes liposuction as people rarely have yo-yo syndrome due to destroying the fat cells directly.

Therapeutic parts of PPC

  • Skin

  • Jaw fat

  • Fat on

  • Stretch

  • ETC


Life after the procedure? You may have edema and flush for 3 days, and bruises of 3~7 days after the procedure. Also, there may be a little pain on the first day.
Precautions when the procedure? You cannot have this procedure if you are taking anticoagulant, who have cancer, a cardiac disorder, apoplexy, diabetes, pregnant, lactating women, and who are allergic to beans.

Why Reborn dermatology?

Reborn dermatology’s strict medical conditions

Every Doctor has over 100 times experience in skin and cosmetic surgery procedure.

Participating in skin related institutes and seminars over five times per year or participate as professor.

Every staff members attend training classes in obesity body representing medical centers every month.

We provide quality service with skilled nursing personnel and high quality equipment with network system