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Vitamin D Injection

Reborn Scalp & Hair loss Clinic Vitamin D Injection

Scalp & Hair loss Clinic

Vitamin D Injection

  • Prevents hair loss and various diseases at the same time!
  • Provides diagnosis and treatment
    by suiting your individual conditions
  • Continuous effect
  • Procedure time

    Around 10 min

  • Narcosis


  • Local anesthesia

    It stings a little!

  • The recovery process

    Able to continue your routine


It is an effective treatment which can prevent hair loss and various diseases at the same time by the treatment that increases the concentration of vitamin D in your blood by providing vitamin D with an injection

Features of Vitamin D Injection

  • Effective for hair loss treatment due to the vitamin D which has an effect of strengthening the immune system.

  • Effect that prevents the disease such as rickets, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, fracture, or etc. as vitamin D accelerates calcium absorption.

  • Prevents various disease such as diabetes, proliferative arthritis, flu, tuberculosis, and etc. by reinforcement of the immune system

  • Effective to suppress the development of colorectal cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and etc.

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Why Reborn dermatology?

Reborn dermatology’s strict medical conditions

Every Doctor has over 100 times experience in skin and cosmetic surgery procedure.

Participating in skin related institutes and seminars over five times per year or participate as professor.

Every staff members attend training classes in obesity body representing medical centers every month.

We provide quality service with skilled nursing personnel and high quality equipment with network system