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New Thermagy

Reborn anti-ageing Clinic New Thermagy

anti-ageing Clinic

Elasticity for your wrinkled and drooped skin
with inducement of collagen creation

New Thermagy

  • The most innovative laser among the lasers lately
  • Inducement of collagen creation which is for not only
    the surface but deep inside of your skin
  • The procedure that regenerates drooped skin and elasticity
  • Procedure time


  • Narcosis

    Ointment anesthesia

  • Local anesthesia

    Almost no pain!

  • The recovery process

    Around a week


It is the most innovative laser equipment among lasers lately, and the thermage regenerates elasticity of wrinkles and drooping skin by inducement of collagen creation in old and drooping skin by inspecting high frequency not only the surface of the skin but deep inside of your skin,

Features of New Thermage

  • Not only the improvement of wrinkles, but also the lifting effect is excellent by interpenetrating the skin deeply

  • Possible to wash your face and put make-up on right after the procedure due to no scars, scabs, and bruises after the procedure

  • Possible to have the procedure without danger of pigmentation depending on the season, UV, and skin color

  • Effective for the neck wrinkles which used to be hard to treat

Therapeutic parts of Thermagy CPT

  • Fine

  • Straighten up
    face lines

  • Elasticity,

  • Neck

  • ETC


Cautions after the procedure? There will be flush right after the procedure, but it will usually be better after around 1 day. We recommend one procedure which is for 20~30 minutes, however, when the effect is inadequate, it is possible to have the procedure after 6 months.
Cares after procedure? It you put sun screen and regenerative creams on, the effect will be doubled.

Why Reborn dermatology?

Reborn dermatology’s strict medical conditions

Every Doctor has over 100 times experience in skin and cosmetic surgery procedure.

Participating in skin related institutes and seminars over five times per year or participate as professor.

Every staff members attend training classes in obesity body representing medical centers every month.

We provide quality service with skilled nursing personnel and high quality equipment with network system