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Reborn Skin Clinic Iontophoresis

Skin Clinic

Brighter skin by injecting
Vitamin C deep into the skin


  • Make dull and dark skin brighter by injecting vitamins!
  • Improvement of whitening regeneration by inputting essence
    which is possible to ionize in the skin
  • Enhanoement of elasticity with improvement of freckles, pigmentation, fine wrinkles, etc
  • Weekly treatment

    More than 3 times,
    every 4 weeks

  • Narcosis

    Ointment anesthesia

  • Local anesthesia

    it stings a little

  • The recovery process

    About 1 week


It has an iontophoresis function which is able to input vitamins into skin. You can get the whitening regeneration effect in your skin by inputting the essence which is able to ionize(+/- poles) into the melanin cell layers in the derma through iontophoresis by a direct current. You can expect positive effects to the skin by Vitamin C such as restraint of pigmentation, vitalization of skin cells, whitening, and regeneration of acne scars.

Features of Iontophoresis

  • Enhancement of elasticity with improvement of freckles, pigmentation, fine wrinkles, and etc.

  • Produces activation of Vitamin C and infiltrates the deep skin, treats skin pigmentation problems, which used to be difficult to treat.

  • No pain during the procedure. Your face won’t become red and there will be no dead skin cells; it’s possible to put make-up and go out.

  • Apart fro the whitening effect, there will be effects that prevents fine wrinkles and increases skin elasticity by encouraging the synthesis of the elastic fibers such as collagen.

Therapeutic part of Iontophoresis

  • Whitening

  • Freckles

  • Fine

  • Improvement
    of elasticity

  • ETC


What is the routine after the procedure? You are able to continue your routine.
How to take care after the procedure? You must apply sunscreen, do not tan your skin!

Why Reborn dermatology?

Reborn dermatology’s strict medical conditions

Every Doctor has over 100 times experience in skin and cosmetic surgery procedure.

Participating in skin related institutes and seminars over five times per year or participate as professor.

Every staff members attend training classes in obesity body representing medical centers every month.

We provide quality service with skilled nursing personnel and high quality equipment with network system