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Reborn Skin Clinic MilD PDT

Skin Clinic

Have clear and smooth skin
by reduction of sebum secretion.

Mild PDT

  • Possible to suppress recurrence for 6-12 months
    by destroying sebaceous glands.
  • Effect of overall skin improvement such as removal
    of blackheads pore-reduction, and etc.
  • Simple and convenient due to no medicine treatment
  • Weekly treatment

    3 times every 3~4weeks

  • Narcosis

    Ointment anesthesia

  • Local anesthesia

    Almost no pain!

  • The recovery process

    About 1 week


It is a new developed treatment that unburdens of inconvenient and consist medicine treatment and the side effects when you treat for general intractable acne or recurring acne. This treatment destroys the sebaceous gland selectively and reduces the sebum secretion of sebaceous glands by using special light therapeutic apparatus after application the light absorber on the skin surface.Also, it is effective for acne treatment as it expands the pores, cleans them and control the dead skin cells by purification of the sebaceous gland and elimination dead skin cells due to the extermination of the acne virus.

Features of PDT

  • Suppression of acne recurrence

    Possible to suppress the recurrence for 6~12 months by destroying sebaceous gland which is the cause of acne
    Wide therapeutic parts

  • Wide therapeutic parts

    Effective acne treatment and improvement of your overall skin (blackhead removal, pore reduction, etc) at the same time

  • Simple and convenient treatment

    Simple and convenient due to not needing to take or apply medicines such as sebum control agent

  • Fast treatment effect

    1~2 days of flush, between 2~5 days of generating dead skins, but after around 1 week, the acne will go down and be able to have fast treatment

Therapeutic parts of PDT

PDT is the treatment that can be for not only acne treatment but various kinds of symptoms

  • Acne

    1회시술시 염증성여드름 50%이상 효과/3회이상 시술시90% 효과

  • Pores

    피지선과 모공이 줄어들고 시술효과는 2주후 효과/반복시술시 높은 효과

  • Blackhead

    피지분비가 많고 피부밖으로 잘 배출되지 않아 까맣게 박혀있는 블랙헤드효과

  • Oily skin

    유난히 번들거리고 화장이 잘지워지는 지성피부의 경우 피지분비가 줄어 뽀송한 효과

  • ETC

    딸기코와 한선염같은 난치성,염증성 질환 및 사마귀,광선 각화증등 치료

Complex Procedure Program

More effective with

  • I2PL

    Less pain
    Effective for blemish, freckles,
    and pigmentation.

  • Mts

    Effective for pore reduction
    and regeneration

  • Zinc Injection

    Effective for regeneration
    by inflammation suppress and
    antioxidant properties


Cautions after the procedures? A light absorbent will be left for 40 hours on your skin, so after the procedure, apply sunscreen well for 2 days!
Intervals and times for the procedure? We recommend doing the procedure 3 times at intervals of 3~4 weeks
Is there pain after the procedure? It depends on the people, but there is almost no pain.

Why Reborn dermatology?

Reborn dermatology’s strict medical conditions

Every Doctor has over 100 times experience in skin and cosmetic surgery procedure.

Participating in skin related institutes and seminars over five times per year or participate as professor.

Every staff members attend training classes in obesity body representing medical centers every month.

We provide quality service with skilled nursing personnel and high quality equipment with network system