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Reborn Surgery Clinic Zealthera

Using ultrasound, the Zealthera procedure is very simple. The effect is immediate and obvious, as ultrasound is directly delivered to the vaginal wall.

  • Short treatment time (15~20 minutes)
  • All ages
  • No Recovery Period
  • non-ablative, noninvasive, no-bleeding, painless
  • Efficient and stable

  • Anyone with reduced vaginal pressure due to widened and loosened
    vagina by childbirth and aging
  • Those unable to feel sexual pleasure or reach orgasm
  • Those who wants to improve urinary incontinence
  • Those who hears gassy noises during intercourse
  • Those who needs quick and unnoticeable vagina tightening before getting married
  • Anyone who experiences frequent odor or inflammation around the vagina

Safe for the human body, focused ultrasound energy is irradiated into the tissues, and subsequently generated heat energy stimulates collagen synthesis in the vagina and contracts muscle fiber to tighten the vagina wall and improves various symptoms of vaginal relaxation (sexual dissatisfaction, deteriorated blood circulation, urinary incontinence)
The procedure does not burn or damage the surface of the tissues. Therefore, no bleeding or inflammation is resulted by the procedure, and recipients can immediately return to daily routine and sexual life.