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Reborn Surgery Clinic Filler

ReBorn Petit Plastic Surgery

Natural effect in a short time


  • A quick return to everyday life
  • A short surgery time
  • No scar and no need recovery time
  • duration


  • anesthesia

    partial and sleeping

  • stitch removal


  • hospitalization

    not required


Fillers are created from various natural / artificial substances and are inserted into
the skin to expand soft tissue. In general, fillers are used to replace natural
substances in the skin (hyaluronic acid, collagen) lost due to aging, and to improve
wrinkles to the face Also, fillers are used for burnt scars, cell damage, deformed
scars and birth defects.

Types of Filler

  • RSTYLAN(Sweden)

  • JUVEDERM(France)

  • TEOSYAL(Switzerland)

  • PERFECTHA(France)

  • ELRAVIE(Korea)

  • YVOIRE(Korea

Filler characteristics

  • A quick return to everyday life
  • A short surgery time
  • No scar and no need recovery time

The surgical area of Filler

  • 01Cheeks and

    Facial fillers enhance shallow contours or soften facial creases and wrinkles, giving you natural,
    youthful fullness in the cheeks. In case of forehead, the skin is thin and wide so that you will get a
    satisfactory result with 2 times surgery.

  • 02Nose Bridge
    and nose tip

    Fillers are effective for a flat nose. However, fillers do not correct bent nose, upturned nose.

  • 03wrinkles

    Fillers are effective in reducing facial creases around the mouth and balance the hollow areas with
    the surrounding regions of the face. This correction will give you younger face and smooth impression.

  • 04Lower eyelid
    love bands

    Fillers under the eyes give fullness so that the face doesn’t look tired and depressed. The plump,
    natural eyes brighten the entire face.

  • 05Lips

    When you have thin lips, you give others angry impression and nasolabial wrinkles look more
    outstanding. Fillers give you plump, defined lips.

We will complete your beauty with the specialists

We will provide you differentiated medical systems which are recorded as “no medical accident over 25 years” and “high customer satisfaction”.

The eyes are the most beautiful part of the face. In order to give you attractive
eyelid, we will offer you ReBorn’s own surgery method with various studies and
much experience.

1:1 customized medical system

  • 1:1 care system

  • After Care Program

  • VIP service

We at ReBorn offer you customized medical service from
pre-operation to leaving the hospital in comfort.