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Reborn Surgery Clinic Botox

ReBorn Rhinoplasty

Natural effect in a short time


  • A quick return to everyday life
  • A short surgery time
  • The surgery effect works fast and any surgical marks
    cannot found.
  • No need anesthesia and little side-effect
  • duration


  • anesthesia

    partial & sleeping

  • stitch removal

    5-7days after surgery

  • hospitalization

    not required but come to treatment
    2-3 times after surgery


A neurotoxic protein known as botulinum inhibits the nerve reactors, stopping
the movement of the muscles for a certain period and then relaxed. When applied
to the face the wrinkles are straightened out. It is also affective after square jaw
reduction and calf reduction surgeries.

Types of Botox

Country of origin US UK Korea
Product explanation the first botex product popular product in developed by Korean
famous doctors
Composition C. botullinum toxin
Duration time Generally it will be effective after 2weeks of surgery and will last 4-6months
The surgical area square jaw, frown lines between the eyebrows and across the forehead, calf,
muscles of back or the area you want to reduce wrinkles

Botox characteristics

  • A quick return to everyday life
  • A short surgery time
  • The surgery effect works well and fast and any surgical marks cannot found
  • No need anesthesia and little side-effect

Botox surgical area

wrinkle Botox

Wrinkle Botox will be effective to remove
wrinkles. This method is to insert Botox
to facial muscles with small amount so
that the muscles are paralyzed and the
Wrinkle will be smoothed out.

Squre jaw Botox

Looking at the front, if this muscle stands
out, it says the masseter muscle develops
excessively. Some square chins can be
corrected only with Botox. If the muscles
develop together even you don’t have big
jaw bone, your face look big. In this case,
you can expect a good result with only

Masticator muscle Botox
When you clench your back teeth, you can feel the hard part that has developed by eating food. The hard part is called masticator muscle

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