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Face Microscopic Fat Grafting

Reborn Surgery Clinic Face Microscopic Fat Grafting

ReBorn fat Surgery

Natural line and vivid cubic effect!
Change an older face into beautiful and
younger face with proper volume!

Face Microscopic
Fat Grafting

  • Have a sunken or uneven forehead
  • Want to amplify thin cheeks
  • Have sunken eyelids
  • Want to correct an inverted triangle shaped face
  • duration


  • anesthesia

    general & sleeping

  • stitch removal


  • hospitalization

    not required

Face Microscopic Fat Grafting

Extract unnecessary fat from abdomen, thighs, buttocks using a centrifuge so that
only the fat is grafted into the face. Then transfer fat into the problem areas.
It has no side-effect and fat tissues will be permanent after the surgery.

Face Microscopic Fat Grafting part

Face Microscopic Fat Grafting part Method

1 STEPextract fat Extracting unnecessary
fat is effective to to
correct the body correction

2 STEPSeparate fatExtracting unnecessary
fat is effective to to
correct the body correction

3 STEPFace Microscopic Fat GraftingMicroscopic Fat particle is
grafted to face or
breasts which are needed for Fat Grafting

Face Microscopic Fat Grafting characteristics

We will complete your beauty with the specialists

We will provide you differentiated medical systems which are
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customer satisfaction”.

The eyes are the most beautiful part of the face. In order to give you attractive
eyelid, we will offer you ReBorn’s own surgery method with various studies and
much experience.

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  • 1:1 care system

  • After Care Program

  • VIP service

We at ReBorn offer you customized medical service from
pre-operation to leaving the hospital in comfort.