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Tightening Double Up

Reborn Surgery Clinic Tightening Double Up

ReBorn Lifting Surgery

Get a natural V-line without uncomfortable bone surgery!
Pull drooped skin and reduce unnecessary fat!
Remove the wrinkles and add elasticity at once!

Tightening Double Up

  • Have much fat in cheeks
  • Want to arrange facial line with two-jaw
  • Have drooped cheeks after facial contouring
  • Are concerned about drooped skin and wrinkles
  • duration


  • anesthesia

    partial and sleeping

  • stitch removal

    7~10days after surgery

  • hospitalization

    not required but come to treatment
    1-2 times

Tightening Double Up Method characteristics

This is only for those who want to keep semipermanent lifting effect!
At first, with venus we will remove unnecessary fat and shoot the laser into the skin
of the inside in order to improve collagen and elasticity.
Next, we will offer additional surgery using V line lifting and Botox.

Tightening Double Up characteristics


We will offer the surgery with necessary areas.

Venus takes a look the laser using 2 types of powerful and precise laser waving,
980nm and 1470nm. So it is effective to remove fat and to lift for sure.

It is a safe surgery.

A small pipe of 0.3mm transfers heat energy into light one directly so other skins and
muscles will be not damage at all.

Everyday life is not affected due to the surgery

This is the laser surgery with a small pipe of 0.3mm so that general anesthesia and incision
are no needed. In addition, bruise and swelling are little.
The surgery takes 30mins and you don’t have to worry about the scar which will disappear soon.

You can get elastic skin.

This method is effective for lifting as well as fat splitting. As time goes by, you can feel lifting