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ReBorn face contouring

Reborn Surgery Clinic ReBorn face contouring

ReBorn Face Contouring Center

Slim and natural voluptuousness
Smooth facial line

face contouring

  • Have unbalanced facial contour
  • Have wide face width due to conspicuous side and
    front zygoma bone
  • Have conspicuous front cheekbone
  • Need re-operation
  • duration


  • anesthesia

    partial and sleeping

  • stitch removal

    7~10days after surgery

  • hospitalization

    non required but come to treatment
    for 2days

ReBorn face contouring

The cheek bones in the center of face play an important role in determining the contour of the face and
your image. The protruding cheekbones can make you look strong and stubborn. This surgery is used to
soften the contour of the face by correcting those cheekbones and make the face look small and slim by
reducing the width of the face. We will create the beautiful face contour without cheek drooping after the
surgery minimizing tissue damage through dermabrasion

A proper shape and site of cheek bone

Case of conspicuous side cheek bone This is the most common cheek bone type and the side cheek bone is protruded when viewed from the front. You can look dark and angry. With osteotomy of main cheek bone partially and back cheek bone, the bones are pulled into inside rotating. This is simple and you will have a satisfactory result with it.

  • Case of the side cheek bone accompanied by a square jaw This is because you have big and wide facial structure so that you have to do this surgery with cheek bone reduction for the effect.

  • Case of conspicuous side and front cheek bone The facial line is not smooth when viewed from the front and the side. This is because the front and the side cheekbones are excessively developed. It is required to correct the front cheekbones while reducing the side cheekbones.

ReBorn face contouring

  • Have unbalanced facial contour
  • Have conspicuous side and front zygoma bone
  • Have conspicuous front cheekbone
  • have wide face width
  • Need re-operation

ReBorn Plastic
Surgery Clinic has
recorded no medical
accident for 25 years
and is the safest
hospital in Korea

Precise and various ReBorn surgery method

Precise and various ReBorn surgery method

We will offer you ideal face line through various ReBorn own surgery method and studies

The specialists

We will complete your beauty with the specialists
We will create the most beautiful line with enoughconsultation
and an appropriate individual plan for you.

We will provide you differentiated and advanced medical systems which are recorded
as no medical accident over 25 years with various studies and much experience.

1:1 customized medical system

  • 1:1 care system

  • After Care Program

  • VIP service

We at ReBorn offer you customized medical service from
pre-operation to leaving the hospital in comfort.