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Gynecomastia / Pleomastia

Reborn Surgery Clinic Gynecomastia / Pleomastia

ReBorn Breast Surgery

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/ Pleomastia

  • have protruding breasts
  • have raised areolas like women
  • can feel hard mammary glands
  • are not able to reduce breasts through exercise
  • duration


  • anesthesia

    general anesthesia & sleeping

  • stitch removal

    10-14days after surgery

  • hospitalization

    not required


If the mammary glands are overly developed and fat is piled like the breasts of a woman giving the
appearance of “man boobs”, then male breast (gynecomastia) reduction is required. Male breasts usually
occur when male hormones decrease or female hormones increase so that the inactive mammary glands
are stimulated. Male breasts, gynecomastia, are not harmful to the body, but they may be psychologically
stressful, in which case male breast or gynecomastia reduction.

Self-examination of Gynecomastia

When touching around nipples with fingers, you can feel hard mammary glands
You can get an ultrasound which can check the size and whether Gynecomastia is or not precisely.

  • front view

    -The breasts are raised, touched with hands and are rounded.
    - Nipples and areolas are bigger than normal (nipple: more than
      6mm, areola: more than 30mm)
    - When pushing the nipples, you can feel the finger sink deep.

  • Side view

    - Nipple parts are sharpen
    - Areola and its surrounding are raised generally.

Gynecomastia Method


This method is appropriate for case of gynecomastia due to increase of adipose tissue, often caused by being overweight

After incising 0.5-1cm, insert a small pipe (cannula) to remove fat and fix. If mammary glands are developed, it is better to cut mammary glands at the same time.

2Mammary gland reduction

유선 조직의 발달로 유방이 커진 경우

This method is appropriate for case of gynecomastia with overdeveloped mammary glandular tissue. This case is hard to be corrected by liposuction so incision is needed under the areolas 2-3cm


It is called that the tissues are developed in other parts of body aside from normal breast parts. Usually, it appears under the armpit and also under the breasts or nipples. It is not for healthy condition, but for aesthetic problem.

Examination before the breast surgery

  • The Blood test

    1Anemia figure, blood platelet,
    electrolyte test, blood-sugar
    test, liver function, kidney
    function, blood clotting factor,
    hepatitis type b/c, syphilis,

  • The electrocardiogram



  • Digital the chest X-ray

    3Digital the chest X-ray


  • Digital precise mammography

    4Digital precise mammography


  • Breast ultrasonography

    5Breast ultrasonography


Customized breast plastic surgery

We will discuss you about a proper surgery method
before the surgery and provide you a whole surgery plan.

According to whole balance such as types of body and shape, size of breast, we will create your breast
more attractive and natural with prostheses and you will have satisfaction with it

Beautiful breast

The ideal breast ratio

nipple: areola: breast = 1: 3: 9

The most ideal form is a triangle shape which the lines
are connected the center of your collar bones to nipples when standing frontward. In addition, top bust should be in the middle of shoulder and elbow when viewed from the side. The golden ratio is a contour line which breast makes. That is, diameter ratio of nipple, areola and breast should be harmonious. If ratio of nipple, areola is not good, it might seem to look shabby or uncomfortable even you have proper or attractive shape.

A survey of 52 people in Korea female in 20s-30s indicates average ratio of nipple, areola and breast is 1 : 3 : 9.

  • 1. Encountering point to the collarbone: 18-20cm
    2. Areola: 3.4-4.5cm
    3. Distance between middle of the collarbone and nipple: 18cm
    4. Volume of breast: around 250cc
    5. Distance between the nipples: 18cm
    6. A projecting part is in the middle of shoulder and elbow
    7. Distance between winkles below the breast and the nipple: 5-6cm
    8. The nipples are light pink
    9. Bust circumference is smaller about 2-5cm than that of hip.

1:1 customized medical system

  • 1:1 care system

  • After Care Program

  • VIP service

We at ReBorn offer you customized medical service from
pre-operation to leaving the hospital in comfort.