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Incision Surgery

Reborn Surgery Clinic Incision Surgery

ReBorn eyelid surgery

Want to have big and clear eyes?
Correct various types of eyelids
with us!

Incision Surgery

  • A natural and clear eyelid like burial method
  • minimizing scarring and swelling
  • possessing various eyelid line according to individual
  • duration

    1 hour

  • anesthesia

    partial & sleeping

  • stitch removal

    4-6days after surgery

  • hospitalization

    not required

Incision Surgery

Incision Method at ReBorn is for those who want to have bigger and clearer eyes.
We will incise eyelids and make double eyelids by removal of unnecessary fat, muscle and drooping skin.
It will be effective to correct various types of eyelid

Incision Surgery Method

[It is basic surgery method.
We will do little incision so you don’t have to
worry about swelling and scarring

Incision Surgery

  • Have think eyelids or excessively drooping eyes
  • Need re-operation(or in case of scarring after incision)
  • Have small eyes and eyes look heavy

ReBorn Plastic
Surgery Clinic has
recorded no medical
accident for 25 years
and is the safest
hospital in Korea

Ideal Beauty of eyes

The eyes are most important part on your face. In addition, they are one of the simple but difficult surgical areas.
Everyone has different sizes, shapes of eyes. So it is necessary to do surgery with your present appearance and

Eye Surgery

[ A wonderful eye’s golden ratio is
1-The ideal eye length will range about 30mm
2-A pair of eyes length and middle of the forehead will
   be the same. (1/3)
3-The inner corner of the eyes should make a vertical
line with the sides of the nose.

ReBorn Plastic Surgery specially

We will complete your beauty with the specialists

We will provide you differentiated medical systems which are “no medical accident
over 25 years” and “high customer satisfaction”. The eyes are the most beautiful
part of the face. In order to give you attractive eyelid, we will offer you ReBorn’s
own surgery method with various studies and much experience.

1:1 customized medical system

  • 1:1 care system

  • After Care Program

  • VIP service

We at ReBorn offer you customized medical service from pre-operation
to leaving the hospital in comfort.