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Facial Bone Contouring Reoperation

Reborn Surgery Clinic Facial Bone Contouring Reoperation

Revisional Surgery Center

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Facial Bone


What is Facial Bone Cntouring Reoperation?

Facial bone contouring reoperation is needed if one or more of the following occurs after cheek reduction: the face remains wide due to small contraction of the side cheek; the face is asymmetrical due to the different sizes of the side cheeks and volume of the frontal cheek; the facial line is unsmooth and bumpy; fracture due to excessive excision at the time of square jaw reduction; secondary angle or asymmetry due to roughness.

Facial Bone Contouring Revision is Needed When

1Inadequate Effect

Due to insufficient excision, the cheeks remain same after cheek reduction surgery

2Asymmetrical Cheeks

The first surgery resulted in an asymmetrical face, or the fixture has been loosened and one cheekbone fell subsequently.

3Sinking of the Fractured Bone

The fractured cheekbone has been sunk to be felt, or resulted in an obvious cascaded angle.

Square jaw revision is needed when…

1Jawbone Fracture

The jawbone has been fractured and jagged by an inexperienced practitioner

2Asymmetrical Square Jaw

The asymmetry of the jaw has not been resolved or worsened due to the different excision from both sides of the jawbone.

3Bumpy Jawline

Due to a small amount of excision, the ear base angle has been left as it was, or a secondary angle made a bumpy jawline.

4Stumpy Frontal Jaw

The frontal jaw has not been excised properly to result in a wide jaw due to the stumpy frontal jaw and edges of the jaw

Methods of Facial Bone Contouring Revision

  • Unsatisfactory results of the first surgery and further
    improvements are discussed through efficient consultation.
  • 3D-CT is used to accurately diagnose the condition
    of the facial bones before surgery.

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