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Rhinoplasty Reoperation

Reborn Surgery Clinic Rhinoplasty Reoperation

Revisional Surgery Center

Using Morpheus 3D,
the desired height and
shape are confirmed before surgery.



What is Rhinoplasty Reoperation?

Rhinoplasty reoperation may be considered if one or more of the following occurs after a rhinoplasty surgery has taken place: the shape of the post-surgery nose is different from desired; the prosthetics moves significantly, or; one or more side-effects, such as inflammation, occurs.
Reoperation is more challenging than the initial surgery. Therefore, it shall be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.
Reborn Plastic Surgery assures customer satisfaction by calculating the height of the prosthetics and confirming the height and shape of post-surgery nose in advance.

Nose Reoperation is Needed When

1The Nose Prosthetics is Slanted

As one of the most common cases for Rhinoplasty reoperation, the space for the prosthetics has been slanted towards one side, or the prosthetics has not been made in accordance with the nasal bridge. As a result, the nose looks askew due to the slanted prosthetics.
Reborn > removes the prosthetics, and both sides of the space for the new prosthetics are made in equal size in accordance with the shape of the nasal bridge.

2The Nasal Bridge is too High

If the silicon has been inserted to hide the width of the nose without removing the hook, or the nasal bridge was shaped by simply raising it without narrowing the nasal bone, the nasal bridge is likely to end up unnaturally high.
Reborn > removes the previously inserted silicon and the hook. A lower prosthetics is used to reduce the height of the nasal bridge. The wide nasal bone is fractured and drawn together to narrow the width of the nasal bridge. As a result, the height of the nose is lowered but ends up sharper.

3The Nasal Tip is Lowered

Unlike the bridge, the nasal tip is made of soft cartilage bones. If these bones are raised simply by other cartilage bones or prosthetics, the nasal tip is lowered after 1-2 years leaving the bridge too high.
Reborn > uses the nasal septum cartilage to support the nasal tip, and toughens the cartilage in the nasal tip before transplanting the cartilage to prevent the tip from lowering.

4The Width of the Bridge is too Narrow

A beautiful nasal bridge is approximately 1cm wide, slightly narrower than the nasal tip.
If the bridge is narrower than this, it may look artificial. Even if the nasal tip is not wide, the narrow bridge will make it look stumpy.
Reborn > replaces the prosthetics in the bridge with a wider one to correct the shape.

5The Shape of the Tip is Transformed.

If the nose has undergone repeated surgery for various reasons, the cartilage bone making up the shape of the tip is twisted and distorted due to internal contracture or numerous cicatricial tissues.
Reborn > removes severe cicatricial tissues. Reborn uses the nasal septum cartilage or ear cartilage to reconstruct the cartilage in the nasal tip to remake the shape of the nose.

Rhinoplasty Reoperation is Possible When

  • The general tissues have softened, which is generally
    six months after the Rhinoplasty surgery has taken place.
  • The prosthetics has been safely removed, and the
    inflammation (if any) has disappeared completely.
  • Rhinoplasty surgergy that simply raised the nasal
    bridge may go through reoperation within three months.

ReBorn Plastic
Surgery Clinic has
recorded no medical
accident for 25 years
and is the safest
hospital in Korea

Reborn's Methods of Rhinoplasty Reoperation

The medical specialist accurately analyzes the failure of the first surgery.

Using Morpheus 3D, the post-surgery shape is verified in advance to determine the height and shape.

The incorrect nasal prosthetics is removed to make natural nasal tip and and bridge of desired height.

Ideal Beauty of nose

The nose is on the center of your face so it is one of the most effective parts with little changing.
Everyone has different sizes, shapes of nose. So it is necessary to do surgery with your present appearance and characteristics

Nose Surgery

[ A wonderful nose’s golden ratio is
1-The ideal nose length will range 1/3 of the
    face and the ideal nose width will range 1/5
    of the length of the face.
2-The ideal angle between the lip and columella
    is 95-100 degrees
3-The ideal angle between the columella and the
    tip of nose is 45 degrees.

3D-CT nose with ReBorn

Offer complete information with precise analysis below filming error range 0.1mm

- Offer 3D image which predict the result of your look closely to reality through 3D-CT
- Offer 3D-CT without any worrying of radiation. It is harmless to humans using such as LED the white light.

1:1 customized medical system

  • 1:1 care system

  • After Care Program

  • VIP service

We at ReBorn offer you customized medical service from
pre-operation to leaving the hospital in comfort.