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Eye Revision

Reborn Surgery Clinic Eye Revision

Revisional Surgery Center

5 years of A/S for
Reborn's double eyelid surgery!

Eye Reoperation


What is Eye Reoperation?

Many recipients of double eyelid surgery are suffering from the aftereffects of wrong procedure.
It is important to accurately identify the cause of the failure of the initial surgery when selecting methods of reoperation.
Reoperation is highly complex and challenging, as it requires to correct the damaged tissues from the first surgery. Therefore, it must be performed by a highly experienced and qualified plastic surgeon.

An Eye Reoperation is Needed When…

1The Lines have been Loosened

The eyelid lines have been gradually loosened and pulled down. These can be easily corrected by the buried sutured method.

2Too Slim or Low Double Eyelids

The eyelids may look too strained when they are too low. These can be corrected by making new lines.

3Too Thick or Scarred Eyelids

These types of eyelids may appear on oversized lines or excessively fat tissues. Eye reoperation can reduce the height and remove an adequate amount of scar and fat tissues.

4Uneven Double Eyelids

If one side of the eyelids is either loosened or different in height with the other side, both sides should be corrected for symmetry.

5Unnatural or Unfitting Double Eyelids

If the double eyelids do not appear natural with other facial features without a particular problem in the lines, eye reoperation may still be required to make them look more appropriately fitting.

Eye Reoperation is Possible When

  • The effects of the surgery has become evident,
    which is roughly six months after the initial surgery.
  • The scar has been softened and the redness around the scar has disappeared.
  • The inflammation has completely disappeared.
  • In some cases, reoperation may be possible after one year.

ReBorn Plastic
Surgery Clinic has
recorded no medical
accident for 25 years
and is the safest
hospital in Korea

Reborn's Methods of Eye Reoperation

Through sufficient pre-surgery counselling with a specialist surgeon, the failure of the first surgery is thoroughly analyzed to select individualized surgery methods.

New double eyelid lines are designed and the existing line tissues are exfoliated.

The existing double eyelid lines are undone, and unnecessary scar tissues are removed. If needed, new double eyelid lines are created through fat transplantation above the eye.

Most swelling disappears after a week, and binding threads are removed.

Ideal Beauty of eyes

The eyes are most important part on your face. In addition, they are one of the simple but difficult surgical areas.
Everyone has different sizes, shapes of eyes. So it is necessary to do surgery with your present appearance and

Eye Surgery

[ A wonderful eye’s golden ratio is
1-The ideal eye length will range about 30mm
2-A pair of eyes length and middle of the forehead will
    be the same. (1/3)
3-The inner corner of the eyes should make a vertical
line with the sides of the nose.

ReBorn Plastic Surgery specially

We will complete your beauty with the doctor

We will provide you differentiated medical systems which are “no medical accident
over 25 years” and “high customer satisfaction”. The eyes are the most beautiful
part of the face. In order to give you attractive eyelid, we will offer you ReBorn’s
own surgery method with various studies and much experience.

1:1 customized medical system

  • 1:1 care system

  • After Care Program

  • VIP service

We at ReBorn offer you customized medical service from pre-operation
to leaving the hospital in comfort.