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About us Facilities

  • Desk We offer you register and confirm the
    reservation and also lead you to
    consulting room or waiting room.

  • Waiting Room We provide comfortable waiting room
    for you. ReBorn will welcome you with
    comfort while waiting the
    consult or treatment.

  • Hospital facility We offer several accommodations
    for comfortable consultation and
    treatment besides cutting edge
    operating facilities.

  • Consultation Office We offer 1 : 1 customized consultation
    for you. If necessary, we provide 3D
    simulation and suggest more precise
    diagnoses and surgery.

  • Conference Room This is the place where you can have
    more detailed consult and cooperation
    with other surgeons.

  • Operating Room For safety, state of the art equipment
    and emergency preparation as well as
    general hospital system are fully equipped
    and sanitary system is designed.
    We keep all equipment and system
    in the very best condition.

  • Skin Care Room This is the place where you can take
    care of your skin after surgery
    or visiting dermatology.
    It is very cozy and clean all the time.

  • Powder Room You can check your skin condition and
    put on make-up after the
    skin care or treatment.

  • Recovery Room Hall Way The medical team will always
    be on call for your recovery and rest and
    we are well trained to handle any
    possible emergency.