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About us

About us About us

A delicate and meticulous medical service!
This is philosophy of ReBorn

We at ReBorn will welcome our customers
with warmly smile and our sincerity.

The one angle or 1mm makes such a big different
consequence in plastic surgery.

We have provided the best service for our customers with
delicateness and meticulousness and realized all out customers’
dreams without any accident over 25 years.

In order to bring you satisfaction and make
all your dreams come true,
we at ReBorn will communicate with you continuously and
strive to treat you with earnest smile and out utmost sincerity.

Plastic surgeon.Jaehyeon Park

  • Take the head Korea medical technology with innovative new medical techniques


    Develop astonishing ReBorn double-eyelid surgery with only eyelid correction, with non-incision

    Develop Tailor-made-perfect Rhinoplasty that can show individual personalities and increase satisfaction

    Provide cutting edge medical technology like customized forehead implant insertion using 3D scanner and 3D printer

  • Reliable plastic surgery


    No medical accident over 25 years from 1989 to present

    Medical team with only consisting of plastic surgeons, precise surgical analysis examination before surgery and careful sanitation and after-care system